Average Pineapple Life

Changing my career in 32! It may be creepy not to feel creeped at all but it just feels right. I don't care not being successful in this, but I will at least give it a try. I know I can always go back to my precious white collar days 🙂 Well, my first step... Continue Reading →


A Critical Announcement

This is a critical announcement for all "throw it away" people in the world. My mom used to pay me pocket money every week. I used to save them. First; to pay my phone bills, for the landline in my room (my besties used to live in a different city at that time and calling... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Living in Philippines

One thing I know for sure is that I am very consistent in not writing my blog. Still, need to appreciate any attempts for it, so cheers to writing after 7 months! (insert crowd applause and scream here) Well, ever since I took a break from my last post, so much has changed in my... Continue Reading →

How Sustainability Works in this Town

Kamikatsu, a town in Japan is being a role model for many cities with its recycling regulations and habits. The city first placed the "zero waste" program regulation in 2003 and ever since, the town has 34 different categories for recycling. The residents are responsible of sorting their own trash and recycling workers are responsible... Continue Reading →

Habit of Picking the Best

Human kind is carrying a " natural selection" mind set which began with working on genes to be transferred to the next generation. It is having the automation of leaving a footprint (a family) on earth. This intuition defends to stay on the safe side rather than being in a risky one and it is now... Continue Reading →

The Work of Water and The Fish

You may have heard about the term "hydroponic" before. Basically you are growing plants without soil. It has many winning points especially when you consider that we are loosing our soil resources. However in this post, I will be covering aquaponics. It may not be new for many of you but even for WordPress, it... Continue Reading →

Being a Botanist

I may write about Cuba, a few more posts so forgive me If you feel bored of my Cuban diaries. This post will cover a single spot in south of Havana; the National Botanical Garden. The neighbor of the host that we were staying with in the last part of the holiday, agreed to give... Continue Reading →

Viva la Cuba!

We woke up from the Cuba dream on Sunday night. It was such a complicated vacation that, the more I tell about it, the more I get confused. I know we hated two things that were never mentioned in any source that we checked before the trip. First one was the unfortunate and unexpected cold... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

Here we are, most of us back to DIY era already for a decade. Almost each of us who experienced capitalism to the top, found our way back to the originals. The rest never even went all the way to capitalism. Life was already enjoyable and satisfying for them as it is. I remember how... Continue Reading →

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